Compliance & Standards

Your 10 fingers in Standardization


Standards are key to innovation, interoperability and global market.  In Europe, standards also constitute the path to compliance with many Directives and Regulations. 


However,  time spent on developing and influencing standards is often seen as wasted, or at least not the most efficiently spent.  This may seem true at short term, but is definitely wrong in the long term.


The main cost of standardization is "the cost of not being there" !


Your experts may have more urgent things to do (products to develop, customers to visit) than attending standardization meetings, so why not outsourcing it ? can support Belgian or International companies and organizations in:


- identifying standardization trends possibly impacting their business or objective

- voting and commenting on draft national, European or International standards

- contributing to the actual development of key draft standards


Working together on standards of interest for your organization maximizes your impact on standards, while minimizing the impact of standards on your day-to-day business.


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